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Advanced CT Center Training Webinar with John Roundy

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The advanced session of John’s CT Center training covered caller ID, the exporting of raw history data and an introduction to routing. Many of these topics are better discussed with an IAT Support team member. However here are some helpful hints from the webinar.

Caller ID
• Base your caller ID on what type of business you’re calling, i.e. early-out/pre-collect, third party, area code, etc.
• IAT sets the caller ID and will only set it to a number your business owns.
• Caller ID can change by client, office, agent (Support refers to as Unit) or area code.

Data Exports
• CT Center 6.0.21 and later exports raw history data to a fixed delimited or comma delimited file (CSV)

• Routing is a distribution of all calls (inbound and outbound). It determines where to send calls and who will take them.
• You can route by groups (as in a group of agents), agent queues or IC queues (IVR).

To receive more advanced training about CT Center, plan on attending IAT’s National Training Conference from May 12 through 14 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Find more information here.

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