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Aidex Recovery Group Manages Compliance with CT Impact

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Aidex RecoveryAidex Recovery Group conducts mass message campaigns, compliant with federal and state laws, through the hosted broadcast messaging capabilities of IAT’s CT Impact Hosted Services.

CT Impact Hosted Broadcast Messaging allows Aidex the flexibility to control its message campaigns in a compliant manner. Dan Herrejon, Aidex Director of Operations, said they alter dates and times the message is left to fit within compliant hours and to measure which time periods reach more contacts. Aidex also changes which agents handle the inbound calls from their campaigns.

“Agencies have to be very careful because there are a lot of consumers initiating lawsuits on collection agencies,” said Herrejon, “We just received our ACA membership and rely on their guidance for compliant message wording.”

Jacksonville, Florida based Aidex handles health accounts, so it has to comply with federal laws governing collection agencies and patient privacy laws such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

“The people at IAT are very helpful for what to say in messages. IAT has been a great reference to share what other agencies are saying and how we can use CT Impact to be more effective,” said Herrejon.

IAT’s products offer built-in compliance defaults to its customers. “We recommend consulting ACA for compliant message wording,” said Randy Cooper, CEO of IAT, “We believe vendors have a responsibility to provide products that, by default, comply with general federal and state laws. However, our customers can tailor our technology to their definition of compliance.”

“There’s constant tweaking,” said Herrejon, “We don’t want to open ourselves up to a lawsuit but we still want to be effective.”

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