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Beginning Answering Machine Webinar with John Roundy

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In case you were unable to attend John’s webinar in January, here are some helpful excerpts from his presentation. Remember to contact IAT Support before you change any aspect of your system.

  • IAT’s CT Center can detect answering machines by office, client, list or phone number type (POE, home, etc.). A default message will be left, unless you contact IAT Support to alter the default settings to your system.
  • The IAT default message for predictive dialer and interactive communication agents is:

Hello, I’m calling about important personal business.

Please call me back as soon as possible at the following number (office phone number).

Again, my number is (office phone number).

Thank you, goodbye.

  • A variety of messages can be used for predictive dialing and interactive communications agents. If IAT doesn’t offer a message that fits your business, a custom message can be created for your specific business needs and objectives.
  • If you are concerned about obeying federal and state laws, IAT cannot provide legal counsel, but please visit ACA International’s site for legal information here.
  • A new feature of CT Center 7.0 is the Leave Msg. option. This allows agents who are on PD and receive an unexpected answering machine, to press a button on the IAT dialer toolbar and leave a pre-recorded message. Hence, increasing productivity because agents can then spend valuable talk time on a live call instead of leaving a manual message.

Advanced answering machines will be covered at IAT’s National Training Conference in May. To learn more about the National Training Conference and how to register, click here.

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