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IAT’s CT Impact is a perfect fit for Mountain Glacier’s Collections Department

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Mountain GlacierThe internal collection department of Indiana based company Mountain Glacier, selected IAT’s CT Impact Hosted Services because it fit their needs.

“We looked at other competitors,” said Natasha Gomez, Corporate Manager of Mountain Glacier, “But everything went really smoothly when we inquired about IAT.”

Mountain Glacier has three collection agents who contact their 25,000 commercial and residential accounts within the zero to 90 day past due period. During this time, they use CT Impact hosted predictive dialing with the option to leave a message.

“The reports are easy to upload and our supervisor really likes CT Impact,” said Gomez, “She’s on it all day, everyday.”

After the 90 day mark, the accounts are turned over to their attorney for further collection efforts.

IAT, the creator of SmartDial®, has been developing dialing technology for two decades. CT Impact is constantly being improved to create greater ease of use and independence for the customer. “We’re making improvements all the time,” said Randy Cooper, IAT CEO, “One of our most recent additions is a real time data interface with our vendor partner Beam 4D.”

The real time interface eliminates the need to upload accounts to the CT Impact Web site by giving CT Impact current accounts to contact, in real time. IAT also provides software development kits, which provides a general data interface for customers not using Beam 4D to develop their own real time interface.

“Our kits allow more automation for our customers, they don’t have to rely so heavily on IAT if they have the automation on their end,” said Cooper, “Which means we can provide more support for our CT Impact customers.”

The constant improvements to CT Impact make it easier for agencies like Mountain Glacier to achieve success. “We’ve seen a change in the numbers of our accounts receivables bucket,” said Gomez, “The numbers of our zero to 90 day accounts have changed for the better.”

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