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Strength or Strategy? Vote for IAT’s winning team

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It’s not a Friday, but it will definitely be casual.

IAT Sales and Support team members will compete for the tug-of-war champion of the universe (or at least the building) Tuesday, August 31.

Join the fun by voting for your winning team on IAT’s Facebook fan page. While you’re there, make sure to become a fan of IAT’s page (just use the page’s LIKE button). Then you’ll be sure to find out who wins!

In the coming months, IAT will hold various competitions between departments for prizes, bragging rights and the right to display IAT’s new IAT cup. We’ll keep you posted on competitions with announcements, fun pictures and videos.

Do you have a crazy competition you’d like to see IAT employees try? Post your ideas on the IAT page on Facebook or send an email to IAT’s marketing team (

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