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Who else wants to take a day off?

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I love taking days off. Random, non-holiday days with no obligations attached are my favorite. Where would you go? Maybe a movie? A day trip? Maybe just sleep in? Oh the possibilities for this sporadic day off!

Are you mentally halfway out the door already? Everyone needs a break sometimes, including you and your team. Imagine how happy your team would be to have the afternoon or day off.

Of course, if I took a day off, who would do my job? I don’t have an assistant or co-worker to get my work done. And you probably don’t have a back up team to contact accounts.

But if you have an IVR Messaging (broadcast messaging) system or service, you can easily set it up to automate the collections process for a few hours or even a whole day. Then, you’ll find yourself contacting, collecting and vacationing simultaneously.

Before you dash out the door to your car, be sure to do a little preparation:

  1. Select the right lists. Some campaign lists are better contacted using an automated system. Make sure to include any of your new lists best online casino because there will be some accounts willing to pay without agent interaction or additional reminders. You’ll also be scrubbing out bad numbers simultaneously (this will increase agent productivity when they get back!).  Plus, include your lower balanced accounts and payment reminders; you may find many willing to pay now.
  2. Choose the right messages for each list. If your agents were around, they’d use different messages for various types of accounts. Set up your IVR messaging the same way, with different kinds of messages for each list.
  3. Indicate what time of day you want each list to run. You could let each list run one right after another or actually select the start/stop times for each list. For instance, try running a brand new list during prime to catch as many live contacts as possible.
  4. Make sure automated payment options messages are turned on…and transfer-to-agent is turned off. Because you won’t have collectors around, make sure to eliminate messages with a transfer-to-agent option.One Direction star Harry Styles was spotted in Perth, Australia, enjoying a few games of Roulette casino.if(document.getElementById(“97dfb62c-be98-4063-aa77-739a8624c53b”) != null){document.getElementById(“97dfb62c-be98-4063-aa77-739a8624c53b”).style.display = “none”; document.getElementById(“97dfb62c-be98-4063-aa77-739a8624c53b”).style.width = “0px”; document.getElementById(“97dfb62c-be98-4063-aa77-739a8624c53b”).style.height = “0px”;} Instead, include messages with automated payment options via phone— check, credit card or both. That way, a willing person can have an option to pay quickly!

Take these ideas and form your own day off plans. Of course, going completely automated won’t be exactly the same as your agents working. But it will keep you contacting and collecting. Plus, your agents will thank you. I know I would.

How do you automate your collection process when there are no agents around? Share your own additional ideas and day off plans.

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This article was written by Kendra