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Who needs 25+ years of experience? YOU DO!

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Genius kid. With more than two decades of predictive dialer technology experience, you can rely on IAT.

Just this week I exchanged emails with an old business associate.  These emails sparked a journey through my memory of the past 20+ years.  You see, I was communicating with Kent Sorensen, one of the original founders of IAT.  Kent and Scott, twin brothers, sat around a table during lunch one day writing down business ideas on a napkin. IAT was born on March 6, 1986 as a direct result of the business ideas on that napkin.

Jeryl Smith, Director of Operations and Product Manager joined IAT in 1987.  Randy Cooper, President and CEO, joined IAT in 1989 and I joined IAT the following year, 1990.  This equates to an Executive board with 64+ years of collection industry-specific predictive dialer and IVR solutions experience!

Why does this matter to you?  Simply stated it means that IAT has unmatched industry experience.  I believe that 64+ years of credit and collection experience helps IAT to understand you and your needs much better than others.

With this experience it is safe to state that IAT has more experience than any other collection dialer organization in the following areas:

  • Interfaced with more collection software companies.
  • Interfaced with more collection related companies (skip tracing, call recording, mailing services, data analysts, etc.).
  • More 1st hand experience with right party contacting tools (RPC).
  • Attended more industry specific trade shows.
  • Visited more credit and collection organizations.
  • Had more fun than any other organization!
  • The list could continue on and on….

Along with you we’ve experienced first hand the impact of increased regulations and interpretations of laws that seem to be enacted solely in an attempt to stop our very way of conducting business.  We’ve worked with you and the ACA, DBA, NARCA and other related industry organizations to overturn these regulations.

You’ve watched and so have we as dialer businesses entered the market with promises of superior technology or a new way of conducting business. Some have even promised their services would revolutionize the collection industry.  But within a short period of time these organizations were unable to sustain their presence in this highly competitive and demanding industry of sophisticated auto dialers.

Since 1986, IAT has prospered in this market. IAT offers 64+ years of predictive dialing experience solely among our Executive Team. This experience definitely gives IAT an advantage.  Why?  We’ve experienced what you’ve experienced.  We’ve shared our hopes and dreams together.  Working together, we’ve developed the best industry collection dialing services.

Thanks for the past 25 great years!  We look forward to working with you during the next 25 years.  It is fun to imagine what new dialer and contacting technologies will emerge during these upcoming years.  It is great to be in business with you!


This article was written by Dave R