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I Don’t Want to Pay for Your Shoes (or anything else for that matter)

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Orange shoes. Debt collection is important, especially for frivolous purhases.

I read with interest a recent editorial posted on InsideARM written by Jerry Ashton, (Guest Blog: Let’s Drive a Stake through the Heart(lessness) of Old Debt” August 17, 2010.) In a nutshell, the editorial referred to the potential “moral crisis” facing collectors and collection agencies that attempt to 000-284 collect aged debt wherein the validity of the debt is uncertain because the debt has been bought and sold by third party debt collectors. In his editorial Ashton states: “As I outlined in a recent blog, “Apply the Golden Rule – or the Rule of Gold?  The Creditor and Bill Collector’s Dilemma,” decisions up to this pointcanada goose MonteBello Parka are driven almost entirely by profit.  But, at what point are these profits simply not worth the cost wreaked on beleagured and hounded debtors?”

I am a believer in the adage that there are two sides to every story. The subject matter of Ashton’s editorial is no different and I believe the other side deserves some consideration. Mr. Ashton’s mention of the “costs wreaked on beleaguered and hounded debtors” made me mull over; who pays the true cost of unpaid debts? Is it paid by the delinquent debtor by being “hounded”? The person who plays by the rules and pays his or her debts? The general public? You? Me? In all likelihood it is all of the above with the delinquent debtor getting off easy.

I believe in compassion, as Ashton suggests, for those best online casino who through no fault of their own, have fallen on hard times through the loss of a job, health issues or other challenges that life tends to throw around. Certainly there must be some way to compassionately deal with legitimate issues. I do not believe that canada goose Mystique Parka forgiveness of obligations, in an attempt to avoid “hounding” debtors is the best method to demonstrate compassion.

The real “moral crisis” resides in an ever-growing American society that willfully
1Z0-517 and purposefully, assume a financial obligation with no intent to fulfill his or her part of the agreement. This includes those who intentionally borrow so as to live beyond their means with no intent to re-pay the debt or those who must have the latest gadget or newest toy at someone else’s expense.

Debtors, who use and abuse the system, who take advantage of a creditor to obtain their latest whim, is where the real “moral crisis” resides. Where is the “morality” in disregarding an obligation and leaving the mess to be cleaned up and paid for by someone else? Society needs to get over the “it’s all about me” and “to heck with everyone else” attitude. Each person needs to take ownership of his or her life by paying the debts they incur and not leaving the mess to be cleaned up by the rest of us.

Why should the collections industry receive a “black eye” for attempting to collect a debt that was voluntarily incurred? Collections is not a “dirty” job and I believe that a collection agency, while being fair to the consumer, should be as efficient as possible by using the latest technology available to them, including predictive dialers. Why? Because I don’t want to pay for someone else’s shoes, and I’m guessing most of you think the same way.


This article was written by Ray