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Be Prepared OR Watch Your Business Wash Away!

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Two years ago I experienced an “event” that will be etched upon my mind forever. It taught me the importance of preparation.

My wife and I returned home from a wedding to a small amount of water at the bottom of our garage door. We thought it was from an earlier rain storm, but as the garage door opened the “event” hit us like a ton of bricks, or more appropriately, a flood of water.  We saw water pouring out from under our back door cascading down the steps.  For a brief moment, time froze as it registered in our minds what was happening. Yes, you guessed it. Our home was flooding!

As I opened the back door, I discovered water spitting from a broken washer hose and about an inch of standing water on the main floor. I ran downstairs to investigate the damage and found water pouring like a waterfall from the ceiling heater vents and light fixtures. There was about 3 inches of standing water in our basement.

We quickly shut-off all water to our home, but it was already too late. As we inspected the damage the enormity of the disaster seeped into our understanding.  Luckily, we had planned for such a disaster. Our insurance coverage helped us recover.

When the hurricane hits, the tornado flies or the flood occurs, it is too late to begin organizing and implementing your business disaster recovery plan. You must prepare, plan and implement certain activities in advance of the disaster.

What should you do to prepare for a disaster?  I suggest you gather your management team and ask them a simple question: If they knew that tomorrow a flood was going to hit and destroy the office, what would they do today to preserve the business? This is the beginning of your disaster prevention and recovery plan.

However, even before you have this important meeting, there are three things you can do today to help insure a quick recovery from a disaster:

First, copy and store important business documents off site in a secure location.
, copy and store in a secure off site location back-up tapes containing business data and programs you have running on your computers.
, if you utilize a premised predictive dialer, then contract with a hosted dialing service to provide dialing during a disaster.

The Boy Scouts of America motto, “be prepared” applies not only to our personal lives but to our business operations. What business disaster recovery plans have you made?  Please share them with us so we can learn together.

This article was written by Dave R