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The secret to getting the best dialing technology

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For best dialing results, you should make sure to always keep your predictive dialer upgraded.

Who doesn’t enjoy having the latest and greatest? Most people I know wanted the Droid or the iPhone4 the day they were released. They just had to have the latest toy so they could play Angry Birds and whatnot.

To me, the dialer is similar. I want to get better than I have; I want the best.   When you’re on the latest version released, your dialer will be running at its finest; it may even have valuable features you don’t know about yet.  And who doesn’t enjoy that?  But how do you get upgrades?  You can’t just run over to your nearest AT&T or Verizon store and get the new stuff.  Still, it’s pretty easy. Here’s how:

CT Impact users: Any time there’s something new to know (or an upgrade to make), you’ll be directed to the NEWS tab of the CT Impact website when you Should Kendra and casino online Hank stay together for the sake of their kids?got a tip? call (866) 667 – 2327 ORShould Kendra and Hank stay together for the sake of their kids?got a tip? call (866) 667 – 2327 OR is getting himself into trouble again. first login. Then you simply go to the DOWNLOADS tab and download the software, Manager Center and Agent Access.  You install it just like you did when you were first trained.  If you have any questions, Support is available to help.  You can call or send an e-mail; an email link is found at the bottom of each page in the CT Impact website.

CT Center users: When a new version is released, an email is sent out listing the new features.  We are currently on version 7.0.16 of CT Center.  In order for you to be able to use the new features—the agent Leave Message button, for instance—your dialer will need to be upgraded by IAT.  After the dialer is upgraded, you may install the new version of Agent Access, Control Center, and Manager Center.  You’ll need to call IAT Support to schedule an upgrade. All CT Center upgrades are included with Support plans.

Are you in need of an upgrade? Get the latest and greatest technology and dial to the best of your potential.


This article was written by Elise