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Business as usual = Slow, tedious and unproductive?

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Make sure your business tasks are both productive and effective.

How often do you spend time doing something that seems important and productive, but is actually ineffective and produces very little?

For example, have you ever spent 10-15 minutes looking for the TV remote, rather than simply walking over to the TV and changing the channel? I personally have never done this.  I make the kids find it!  The important thing is that you found the remote, but at what cost? You missed half the TV show! The remote, more than likely, would have shown up when you were not looking for it.

Recently, I sat in a collection agency waiting for a pre-arranged appointment.  I watched and listened to a few of their agents working the phones.  I had a good view of one agent in particular, who was manually dialing. During the 15 minutes or so that I watched this agent, he made approximately 8-10 calls.  I never actually saw him make a live contact.

This was not the first time that I have talked with this collection agency.  In fact, they admit they need predictive dialer technology.  However, there always seems to be a more pressing issue that demands their resources and time, and they keep postponing the dialer.

We all do tasks in ways that aren’t the most efficient, but will eventually get the job done.  Sometimes we do this knowing there are better ways.  We might see opportunities for improvement, but believe we lack the time and resources necessary to take advantage of them.  So we keep on doing what appears to work.  After all, I did find the remote.

I would suggest that we quit doing “business as usual,” and find the time and resources to take advantage of these opportunities. They are likely to have a positive impact.

As for the remote, I tied a string around it and tied the other end to the leg of the couch!  I wonder if I can patent this string thing.

This article was written by Paul