A quick list of what I am thankful for in this busy world! | IAT SmartDial® Solutions

A quick list of what I am thankful for in this busy world!

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I’m thankful for:

My Health: This year as I experienced a few health challenges, I truly do express thanks for my overall good health.  It isn’t fun being sick, and I absolutely admire and respect those individuals that deal with major health challenges on a daily basis in a very positive way.

My Family: I am extremely grateful for my family. My wife and daughters are amazing! They bring such joy and happiness to my life.

My Religion: I believe that religion plays a big part in an individual’s happiness.  I believe that as you hold onto something bigger than you and the world which you know, it gives you hope for a brighter future.

IAT: When I started at IAT on October 1, 1990, I never guessed that I would still be in 2010.  IAT is a great company, with great employees, great products and great customers!  I express my appreciation to Scott and Kent Sorensen for taking a chance on me back in 1990 and giving me this fantastic opportunity. IAT has changed my life for the better.

IAT’s Clients: I’ve said this before, and I’ll continue saying it…I believe that IAT has the best clients in the industry. Our clients are demanding, yet fair. Our clients help us be a better company. Our clients are innovative and forward thinking. Our clients are “good citizens” and comply with the established government regulations. Our clients provide a service for which they receive very little praise.

IAT’s Employees: The individuals that work here at IAT are fantastic. They are honest and hard working. They are asked to stretch beyond their normal job requirements, and they do it willingly. I have found IAT employees to be some of the most creative and intelligent individuals in any industry. They work diligently to ensure the success of our clients!

I express a big THANK YOU to all who have contributed to IAT’s success.  Have a Merry Christmas and a great holiday season!

This article was written by Dave R