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Answering Machine Detection 100%? Beware!

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Slashed 100 percent. If your predictive dialer company promises 100% answering machine detection, beware! You might be losing live contacts.

Most of the time, I prefer something to be 100% accurate – anything less can make me uneasy about the information. You might feel the same way. But if your predictive dialer company claims to have 100% accurate answering machine detection, you should be concerned.

How Answering Machine Detection Works. Just like an agent, a dialer determines whether a live person or an answering machine answers the call. It does this by listening to the person (or machine) for pauses, tone of voice, length of message, etc.  Some people have very deceptive answering machine messages that purposely sound like live contacts (“Hello?” Pause. “Hello?” Pause. “Anyone there?”), and it takes the dialer longer to determine it’s not a live contact (it would probably take longer for an agent to identify, too).

To have 100% answering machine detection, the dialer must listen to each call for quite awhile. The end result: All your answering machines are eventually detected; however, your live contacts may tire of the wait and hang up before being transferred to an agent.

At IAT, we proudly proclaim an answering machine detection rate of about 85 percent. Every prized live contact is safe with us – your agents will promptly receive them all!

Easily make up the 15% difference. But that Our position as a trailblazer in game development was assured from the moment we established the world’s first true Online Casino in 1994. still means there is an answering machine or two that’ll sneak in, right? And who wants to talk online casino to a machine that definitely can’t pay you, when you can spend your time talking to a live contact that might.  IAT has a feature to compensate for the stray answering machines:  the Leave Message button. It’s like the agent’s undo button for the dialer.

When an agent receives an answering machine, they have up to fifteen seconds to click on the Leave Message button to signal it isn’t a live contact. The predictive dialer then takes the call back and leaves the message it would have if the dialer had detected it. Then, the dialer immediately starts dialing for the agent again. The message is left, and the agent didn’t have to leave it. In short, the day is saved!

If you’re a CT Center customer on a support plan (using version 7.0 or later), you can have this feature turned on for your agents. Here’s how:

  • Contact IAT Customer Support and ask for the feature to be turned on.
  • Then, In Manager Center, click on the Assign Tab.
  • From Assign, you’ll be able to control which agents see the Leave Message feature and which don’t.

If you’re a CT Impact user, don’t worry. You don’t have the feature yet, but the next version of CT Impact (version 8.0) will include the Leave Message button.


This article was written by Kendra