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Choose the right team: The athletics of predictive dialing

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How football teams compare with predictive dialer teams. Make sure you cheer on the right team!

Sports are a great passion of mine. I enjoy the game and the challenge it brings to its players, coaches and, at times, even fans. I enjoy the football season and the wonderful ups and downs it brings, like Seattle upsetting New Orleans in the first round of the playoffs. Looking at the game, you really want the right team, with the right players, to cheer them on to victory.  At IAT, we provide two dialing solutions that perform so well, you’ll want to cheer them on.

I coach football. Sometimes the kids don’t follow instructions and will do things the way they want to, instead of the way I asked them to.

IAT also has coaches (regional sales managers, systems engineers) standing on the sidelines helping you (the quarterback–Dialing Manager/Owner) select plays that will benefit your team and help them score as many touchdowns as possible (or collect as much money as possible). IAT’s system can be customized to work for you and do the things you need it to do; it only goes in directions you want.

In many football games, one single play can affect your chances of winning or losing. IAT’s predictive dialer works gracefully under fire. In clutch situations, the dialer will perform exactly how you need it to, dispersing calls to the right amount of agents, predicting how long phone calls will take so another call is ready and waiting, etc.

When coaching, there’s a play book that can help you win. IAT has a play book for how to achieve optimal results for your specific collections situation. Each product can be tailored to fit what you are looking for and how it will benefit you and your situation.

Brett Favre is one of the best quarterbacks in all of football, having played around 300 consecutive games over his career. He may jump from team to team, but he still performs. IAT’s dialing solutions consistently perform. If your company changes direction or if you take the system to a new company, the dialing system is so dynamic that it can change with you.

IAT offers solutions that can be tailored to fit your needs. Picking the right team that will perform for you is imperative in this economy. Nothing will perform for you and get you more victories than an IAT dialer. And who doesn’t want a super bowl ring, right?

This article was written by Mark