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Predictive Dialer agents can receive help from their managers without leaving their desks.

Have your agents needed to communicate with you during a call?

With IAT’s CTC Message feature, agents can communicate with managers and vice versa without ever leaving their desks. This is a very helpful tool for communicating when you don’t have the luxury of person to person contact.

Agents: Get help when you need it. With CTC Messaging, agents can online casino contact their manager for help online casino or alert them to something requiring attention. It is especially useful when an agent is on a call. Depending on the manager’s preference, an agent can choose from a list of pre-established messages or create their own.

Managers: Keep in close contact with agents. Managers can send messages to agents to help them with issues or notify them of meetings, compliance issues, reminder items, collections techniques, etc. “No response” messages can be sent (agents are not able to respond back), simple response messages, or two-way messages can be used.

Messaging capability: Stay in control. Managers can control what type of messages can be used and who can send messages to whom.

For further information on this feature, contact IAT support or see the Help screens.

This article was written by Jeryl