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Do you ever feel like your message isn’t being heard?

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With all the available information accessible today, debt collection agencies might struggle to have their messages heard if they simply use high-tech methods.

Our calendars tell us we live in A.D. 2011 but I like to think we live in 12 A.G –  12 years After Google.  Or if you are younger than me, maybe we live in 7 A.F.  – 7 years After Facebook. Many people might think that the years before Google or Facebook were a veritable Dark Age of ignorance. Today, we have instant access to information, sometimes more than what’s good for us; information overload anyone?

With all of this instant-on information bombardment, is it any wonder you might feel like your message isn’t getting through?

Social Media is the buzzword of the day; Connecting, sharing, blogging, Tweeting – all sorts of high-tech information highways, byways, and destinations being accessed by Star Trek like communications devices. But with all this high tech gadgetry there is one thing that is often missing and it’s the one thing that is often the differentiator between having your message heard and being ignored.Sportspark60


In the classic, My Voice Will Go With You: The Teaching Tales Of Milton H. Erickson, there is a story in the foreword that reaches the very essence of what I am talking about.

The writer, Dr. Lynn Hoffman, relates:

“{There was a time} when Erickson, who as a young man sold books to pay his way through college, was trying to sell some to a crusty old farmer. The man isn’t having any and tells Erickson to go about his business. Erickson, without thinking, picks up some shingles from the ground and starts scratching the backs of the hogs the farmer is feeding. The farmer changes his mind and agrees to buy Erickson’s books because, as he says, “You know how to scratch hogs.”

We can learn a valuable lesson from this story:

To get your message across, you have to be relatable. Sophisticated high-tech turbo-accelerated super-duper technologies by themselves are no more relatable to a person than a jar of mud. Cutting through the noise of the instant on world requires having a human being create rapport with another human being. Being relatable is about finding commonalities and building trust. Creating trust creates lasting relationships.

Use the high-tech to be more efficient, to extend your reach, to deliver your message, but use the high-touch to get beyond the hum of the machine; to truly connect with people in meaningful ways. To just be a person.

Do you know how to scratch a hog?

This article was written by Dave C