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Reports: Are you using them to improve your dialer strategies?

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When determining predictive dialer or IVR Messaging campaign effectiveness, start by thinking about the questions you want to answer.

How do you determine the effectiveness of your calling campaigns? Amount of debt collected? A report or two? A gut feeling?

Reports are a valuable tool for evaluating your calling strategies, both long-term and on-the-fly. Analyzing the data can give you the best indication of how well your lists and/or agents are doing.  But the hardest part may be deciding where to start.

Begin with a question. At our last Training Conference, Eric, IAT’s IT Manager, suggested first thinking about the questions you have regarding your dialer strategies.

Sample questions:

  • How many no answers  or busys are you getting?
  • What are your collectors’ best contact times?
  • Why is a particular agent’s talk time so high? So low?
  • What accounts are never being worked? Never have a live answer?

Determine the data you need. Once you’ve established your questions, you’ll need to determine what data will help answer each one. Is it something you have a ready-made report for? Or do you require additional information online pokies or a casino online different coupling of data in order to determine your answer?  It might be a question requiring the last 15 minutes of data, or the past day or week’s information.

Find the data to answer your question. For CT Center customers, IAT provides both pre-determined reports and raw data for both predictive dialer and IVR messaging (Interactive Communications or IC). Using the Export Utility, you can extract any piece of information collected by the dialer. This feature is available in CT Center version 6.0 and later.

Evaluate and make your changes. After looking at the data, decide what changes you might make to improve that particular area. Start analyzing your next question/answer.

For additional information on exporting CT Center raw data, contact IAT Support.

How do you determine the effectiveness of your contacting strategies?

This article was written by Kendra