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Gozer Reigns Supreme When Inexperience is King

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In 1984, the first Ghostbusters movie was in the theaters and grossed over $291 million. In 1989, the second Ghostbusters movie netted over $215 million during its run. If you recall (as most people older than 20 probably will), the two stories revolve around three parapsychologists that are out to save the world from ghosts, Gozer, Zuul, pink slime and other paranormal troublemakers.

As the Ghostbuster movies progress, our heroes are found trying to work the kinks out of their revolutionary ghost buster technology. Initially they catch a few ghosts, some give them grief and others, frankly, kick their collective butts. At the conclusion of the two movies, not only does good triumph over evil, but due to their experience, the Ghostbuster team canada goose Trillium Parka improves their technology to the point they save New York City, receive a standing ovation from New Downside: virgo horoscope are particularly attentive to health; theirs, yours, everyone’s, which can often lead to obsessive behaviors toward health (hypochondria). Yorkers (I know, that’s hard to believe) and are awarded the key to the city.

Ghostbusters is a lighthearted look at why experience matters and the value of the lessons learned while gaining experience. It’s no different in the real world, whether it’s sports (If you want to win a basketball championship who would you prefer to have on your sideline; Phil Jackson or your former high school coach?), science (Albert Einstein or Gomer Pyle?) or business (Mitt Romney or the manager casino of your local greasy-spoon?).

A successful company, organization or person bringing experience to the table has already stumbled and failed. They have learned from their mistakes, and are in the best possible position to solve your problems or deliver a product that will keep “Gozer” out of your hair.

The experience of the companies you are considering – especially when it comes to your predictive dialer technology – must be evaluated before you make a decision. James Joyce, an Irish novelist, was quoted as saying; “A man’s errors are his portals of discovery.” How true. A person’s experiences lead to discovery, discovery leads to lessons, and lessons well applied resultcanada goose Victoria Parka in exceptional products and ideas. IAT has over 25 years of collection-specific, dialing technology experience, so seriously, when you need a collection specific dialer, “Who you gonna call?”

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