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The good, the bad and the ugly in automated communication messages

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If you confuse or mislead debtors, you will delay their actions and increase their animosity for your company’s collection attempts.

If you communicate effectively with debtors, you will be more successful in collecting on those accounts.

We all know that you often have more accounts than you can effectively work; using automation can help tremendously in your collection results. What makes a good automated contact dialogue?

Decide carefully what you want your account to know and do. If all you want to do is have them return your call, state that information and be short and precise. State clearly your purpose and make it clear what your phone number is.

Repeat the phone number clearly and slowly, so it can be easily understood. It is a good idea to let the called party know you are going to repeat the number, by casino saying something like “Again (pause), the phone number to return this call is, (pause) nnn-nnn-nnnn.” This gives the party time to prepare for what is coming.

If you speak the phone number in the middle of a sentence and have other information after it (such as office hours and days of the week worked), they won’t be concentrating on the most important thing – the phone number – and likely forget it.

Don’t forget to comply with FDCPA rules. If you are not identifying the called party, make sure you speak your name and the “purpose” of the call. You don’t always know who might be listening to this information and you need to make sure the message is communicated correctly. Never be deceptive by giving the party the idea they may have won something or that there is some unexpected reward for returning your call.

Provide automated payment options. If you don’t want collector contact with the debtor, give them an option to make a payment over the phone through an automated method, or direct them to a web page that can accept payments. Many debtors will eventually decide to pay a debt and many will want to do so without talking to a collector.

Target accounts that you feel will benefit from an automated contact and will respond positively to follow up calls. Let them know how they can satisfy their obligation quickly and conveniently.

CT Center has several pre-defined, pre-recorded automated dialogues that can effectively communicate your collection intentions and help contact many times more accounts than would be possible without this type of automation.

This article was written by Jeryl