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Understanding the Concept of “David time” and Real Time Interface

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While driving home from work on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend, I made a routine stop at an intersection waiting to turn left.  There were a couple of cars in front of me waiting to make the same turn.  When the light finally changed to green, the first car made the slightest hesitation and the car immediately behind them jumped on the horn to let them know that precious time had passed without them moving.

I’ve read that the smallest increment of measurable time is what is referred to as “Planck time.”  I will not go into explaining what it is because I am not an expert in physics, but you can look it up.  They are wrong! I have discovered that the actual smallest measurement of time is that occurring between a light signal changing from red to green and the car behind me slamming on the horn. I should be credited for making this discovery and call it . . . “David time.”  This may even surpass the significance of Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity.”

We live in a wonderful time when almost any information can be at our fingertips at the speed of “David time.”  On my cell phone, I can check e-mail, search the web, text, and even make a phone call if I want to (wow!). We have all kinds of devices around us that make information so accessible.  Countless updates in technology, science, business, financial data, sporting events, etc. are made in “David time” every second of the day.  We have become spoiled with how fast data is available to us.  Most importantly, the speed to process information has a direct impact on your business.

IAT SmartDial® provides exceptional dialer technology to the collection industry.  We take our dialer expertise and integrate it with host collection software that fits your specific business needs.  You get the best of both worlds.  What even makes this better is that IAT SmartDial can provide this integration in either a batch or Real Time Interface (RTI).

With speed and accuracy, IAT’s Real Time Interface can significantly impact your control and efficiency of your account management.

  • The dialer will have access to your most current host account data.
  • The dialer will qualify/re-qualify account data instantly before it makes the call. (Perhaps there has been a status change updated on the host for a particular account: i.e. bankruptcies, legal action, payments on the account.  The dialer can determine whether or not to make the call.)
  • The dialer can update call results on the fly to the host at the time the call is completed
  • Inbound calls will have access to current data from the host.  (This is critical in processing unattended payments or allowing payment arrangements for a debtor.)
  • No overnight batching is necessary.

The integrity and security of your host database is always maintained.  IAT never touches data in your system.  All information is posted to update files.  The host determines what to do with the data from that point.  Discuss RTI capabilities with your host vendor and IAT SmartDial customer support.  We are always available for assistance.

Do not let another moment of “David time” slip away.  Call and arrange a time for me to come to your office and discuss our Real Time Interface, dialer concepts, or any other collection topics you have in mind.  You make the call and I will bring the Einstein Bagels.  Who knows what mind-boggling discoveries you may make about your business?

This article was written by David E