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Waiting for a response? Not likely!

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Hello (pause), hello (pause), hello?

I think we have all answered our phones and had this experience.   When this happens to you, do you think along the same lines as I do?  Personally, it annoys the ____ (pick your favorite four letter word) out of me.

When I answer a call like this, I find some satisfaction by waiting for the person that is calling me to respond.  I then proceed to explain to them that they could have far better success and more live contacts if they were using a dialer with better answering machine detection.

FYI, they typically hang up on me!

So as someone who uses a predictive dialer, or someone considering using one, you may be asking, “How do I avoid this in my calling campaigns?”  Many predictive dialer companies will promise 100% answering machine detection.  This usually results in the scenario above.

Why? Because when a dialer detects an answer, it has to determine if it is a live person or an answering machine (just like a human has to).  It does this by listening for tones, pauses, clicks, voice tone, length of speech, etc. The dialer tries to do this as efficiently as possible; however, in order to have 100% detection, the dialer must listen longer, resulting in… you know what… “Click.” Your valued live contact hangs up before ever talking to anyone.

Of course a predictive dialer needs –and benefits from—having answering machine detection.  The key is to strike a balance that has a high percentage of detection and little, if any, delay in connecting live answers.  IAT’s dialers do just that.  We have about an 85% answering machine detection rate, and in most cases the party that was being called has no clue that they were called by a predictive dialer.  There is nothing more than a natural pause between them saying “Hello?” and your agent’s response.

Of course there are always those few answering machines that slip by.  You know the guy.  His machine says, “Hello (pause)… ha, ha, got you!  I am not here right now.  Leave me a message, dude.”   For the few that do slip by, IAT has a feature that allows your agent to release the call back to the dialer.  The dialer leaves the message, and then dials for the agent’s next call.

With IAT, you can confidently make your calls, knowing that the live answers are being transferred to agents without the annoying delay factor.  IAT’s answering machine detection reduces or eliminates those four-letter words and hang- up opportunities, insuring you more live contacts.

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This article was written by Paul