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Stop circling and start making valuable contacts…before you get dizzy!

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Imagine watching your kids strap on some rollerblades, so they can skate down to the park and play with some friends. You send them off and walk inside. Thirty minutes later, you come back outside and discover they’re still there. Instead of skating to the park, they’re skating in a tight circle around the driveway. Now they’re just dizzy. Sounds a little weird, doesn’t it?

Are you feeling dizzy? I see the same thing happen in collection agencies all the time (minus the rollerblades). They ramp up their dialer, intending to make lots of great live contacts and collect lots of money. Then, they call the same lists and the same phone numbers at the same time, day after day. They get the same results every time – no pisces weekly horoscope – CANCER : Cancer may prove to be an exigent lover, but Pisces have nothing against it. one answers the phone again.  And yet, they keep doing it, thinking that surely the next time they’ll make the live contact and collect the money.

Newsflash: You’re still on the driveway, kid!

If you want a different result, stop circling and change your calling pattern directions!

Think of the dialer as your best casino online agent. If your best agent called a phone number and there was no answer, what would she do with the account next? Would she try again 4 hours later? If the number was busy, what would she do? Maybe call back in online casino’s 15 minutes?

Set up your dialer to mimic your best agent’s actions. IAT’s dialer allows A health claim associating diets that are low in casino online saturated fat and cholesterol and casino online that include soluble from certain foods with reduced risk of heart disease may be made on the label or labeling best online casino of a food described in paragraph (c)(2)(iii) of this section, provided that:(A) The claim states that diets that are low in online casino saturated fat and cholesterol and that include soluble from certain foods may or might reduce the risk of heart disease. you to automate future actions based on the result of each individual call attempt. For instance, if the dialer called a phone number and didn’t receive an answer, you could set it up to automatically call back in 4 hours (just like your best agent would). For a busy number, you could tell the dialer to retry the number in 15 minutes.

In this way, you can set up your dialer to be just like your best agent, but for every phone number in every account in every list! You become more efficient by using dialer resources strategically, not just dialing to dial every day. And when you change up your calling times strategically, you’re far more likely to find the person available.

Before you know it, you’ll be off the driveway, headed to the park and actually collecting the money!


This article was written by John