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Agent Utilization: Keep the Bullpen Fresh

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I just got back from our family vacation to Southern California. While I was there, we had a chance to take in an LA Dodgers baseball game. I do not get many opportunities to watch major league baseball live, since Salt Lake City does not have a major league team.

I marvel at the pitching strategies managers think up and changes that are made as the game develops. The manager is always trying to out-coach the team that is at the plate. Depending on the circumstances of the game, each situation is unique and there are so many variables that need to be considered that will affect the outcome:

  • Is it late in the game?
  • How close is the score?
  • How well has the pitcher handled the previous hitters?
  • Is it time to bring in a relief pitcher?
  • Do I use a pitcher that has a great fastball or off-speed pitches?
  • Who’s the next hitter?
  • Is the batter left-handed or right-handed?
  • How many runners are on base?
  • How many outs are there?

And the list goes on and on.

This is why baseball is such a great game!

Collection strategies are no different. A collection agency’s greatest asset is its collectors. Agencies should always be evaluating how they utilize this valuable resource. I have had discussions with some of my most successful clients and they all seem to have this common denominator: Keep the agents fresh!

They are always thinking of ways to keep their agents invigorated and excited about their work. Also, this keeps the debtors on their toes. Periodic changes to your overall strategy may be simple, but have a tremendous impact on your agents and actual collection success.

  • Change their call list.
  • Call accounts at different times of the day.
  • Give them a new set of accounts to work: (large balance, newer accounts, different client, etc.)
  • Switch from a female agent to a male agent on the account (or vice versa)
  • Reward excellent performance.
  • Hold team contests.

Get creative and do not be afraid to try something that might be more effective. Adjust to the circumstances. Get out there and coach!


This article was written by David E