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Secrets to finding technology that makes you smile

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Does technology really make you smile or does it make life seem better and more complicated? Well, there is no compendious answer for this. Unless, it makes you smile because you just received a “like” or “reply” on your Facebook Status. It is monumental when you ponder how the internet has globally influenced us socially.

Besides making me look intelligent, technology allows me to do multiple things at once, even though I can usually only single task…. (I’m a male, need I say more?) I am task oriented, focused and efficient. (Seriously, I don’t understand how women can have five conversations at once… )

Rapidly changing technology means greater capabilities, but with more requirements. Today’s computers offer processing power, speed, storage, Internet connectivity, display size and quality, and other capabilities that few even dreamed of ten or more years ago, certainly not at prices affordable for any developer or even consumer. I guess Moore’s Law is true!

Moore’s law describes a long-term trend in the history of computing hardware. The number of transistors that can be placed inexpensively on an integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years. This trend has continued for more than half a century and is expected to continue until 2015 or 2020 or even later.

And many of the applications that run on these machines cheerfully consume these cycles, network megabits per second and gigabytes of RAM and storage.

Many people get frustrated because they have to upgrade their hardware occasionally, but it’s become necessary to run the newest software.

Take as an example my smart phone, or shall I say smart phones—two to be exact. One, a blackberry running 3G and my HTC Thunderbolt, which is running 4G. They are both built for speed, but without specific apps running on them they are just another cell phone. Applications are the KEY and one of the essential parts to a complete system. One will not run properly without the other.

Regardless of the finer things the latest technologies offer businesses, there is a need for industry specific applications to fulfill daily business needs and objectives. Some applications indicate that they can provide the needed features to run your company, but it may not be what’s necessary to be efficient and profitable.

“You get what you pay for….” is a familiar phrase frequently stated after a consumer has purchased a highly discounted product that does not fulfill their expectations. What can you do to prevent yourself from saying the same phrase?

Find the technology that makes you smile. To start, be objective when researching for your company. Know your financial situation, and be realistic about the type of dialer you can afford. Consider your company’s current dialer situation. What problems exist with your current dialing system (manual and/or dialer)? How much are those problems costing your company? Can the dialer you are investigating increase productivity and your bottom line?

It is amazing how many companies don’t know what they need. How do you know what to look for in a predictive dialer system? Well, here lies the KEY: Find a good software developer/manufacturer that will ask the right questions and make suggestions for the best results for your company.

Keep in mind, the predictive dialer company should tailor their system to your daily operations and not the other way around. Make sure the application is industry specific. See a demo of the product. Make sure they address your needs.

IAT SmartDial is such a company. We will make sure that you utilize the latest and greatest technology. We ask questions about your daily operations and what direction you would like your business to take. IAT cares about your supervisor and agent needs. We are in business to increase your bottom line.

IAT SmartDial has been in the collection industry for 25 years offering site-premised and web hosted predictive dialing and IVR messaging. IAT is definitely doing it right. We will ask all the right questions to see what your company’s needs are for predictive dialing, IVR messaging and call recording and whether there is a need for a hybrid system (i.e. site-premised and web hosted dialer working in conjunction with each other). All in all, IAT will bridge the gap and make certain that you utilize the latest technology with their newest system dialer software and hardware.

And, yes, technology will bring a smile to your face when researched and chosen the right way.

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This article was written by Mark