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IAT Customers to learn the benefits of online marketing at executive retreat

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Kaulkin Media representatives will share their online marketing expertise at the IAT Executive Retreat at The Homestead in September. Those in attendance will learn from Michael Klozotsky and Naveen Hariprasad how ARM businesses can benefit from online marketing.

IAT SmartDial Solutions, a Utah-based company, specializes in dialing technology and provides both hosted services and site-premised systems. For more than 25 years, IAT has focused on developing features and technology for the debt collection industry. At the Executive Retreat, IAT brings together speakers specializing in various niches of the ARM industry to educate customers on important topics.

Klozotsky and Hariprasad will teach attendees how to use their business web site and other internet tools to promote their company and “insulate [their] online image from damaging search results,” said Klozotsky, Managing Editor of insideARM.com.

Business web sites and an online presence are vital in today’s marketplace, and when these tools are used correctly they can help counteract bad press about your company. This is an especially important benefit for businesses in the ARM industry which already has a negative public perception.

Other benefits that can come from better online marketing include a forum for educating clients about services or industry news, driving leads for new business, a boost in customer payments best online casino and more.

“Web marketing is not just about making pretty websites,” said Hariprasad, Senior Marketing Manager for Kaulkin Media and insideARM.com, “it’s a way to streamline sales and lower your costs.”

In their presentation, the two will explain the importance of creating effective content and share “a little bad news” as they take a look at examples of what doesn’t work. They will also provide simple, cost casino online effective tips they’ve dubbed “Monday morning solutions” and tackle ways to accomplish “bigger, hairier, long-term goals.”

Klozotsky said he looks forward to meeting with owners and executives attending the IAT Executive Retreat at The Homestead because he believes “shifting the public conversation about the ARM industry can and should start from within the industry. And as it does, individual ARM owners and execs will more quickly and efficiently achieve the professional and financial visions they have built for their businesses.”

The IAT Executive Retreat at The Homestead is scheduled for September 25-27, 2011 in Hot Springs, VA. It is open to all IAT customers. For more information please visit www.iatSmartDial. com/iat-executive-retreat.


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IAT has been developing dialing and messaging technology to the collections industry for over two decades. Located in Salt Lake City, IAT provides products not only for the United States but internationally. IAT offers solutions for larger collection companies with its advanced CT Center product, a premier predictive dialing and IVR messaging on-site solution. CT Impact is IAT’s cutting- edge hosted solution, which provides a combination of predictive dialing and broadcast messaging without the expense of hardware.


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