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The Map to Finding More Right-Party Contacts

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You spend extensive time and money finding the right agents and the right technology to collect on your portfolio of accounts. But unless you also find the right-party contact on the phone, your agent will never collect the debt.

Since debtors don’t always want to be found, this can be a fairly difficult proposition. Fortunately, there is predictive dialer technology to maximize your chances in contacting the debtor. Below are 4 ideas for maximizing your right-party contacts using dialing technology.

Use all the contact numbers you have
Increase your chances of finding the right-party by calling every phone number you have in the account. Easily do this by uploading them into your predictive dialer (if your dialer allows you to load multiple phone numbers for each account).

With IAT’s SmartDial technology, you can load up to 10 phone numbers per account into the hosted dialing service (CT Impact) and an unlimited amount of phone numbers per account into the site-premised system (CT Center). You can also determine the order you’d like phone number types to be called.

Then, just sit back and let the dialer make the calls. The more numbers you have to try, the better your chances of locating the right-party.

Vary your calling times for each list

Are you calling the same accounts at the same time each day? If they weren’t answering a home phone number at 10:00 a.m. all last week, chances are they won’t be there at 10:00 a.m. today, either. Vary the days and times you’re calling all オンライン カジノ your lists—you’ll have a better chance at getting the right-party to answer.

Take a look at your current calling results and decide which campaigns/lists you’d like to call when. With IAT’s list management tools, managers can string lists together in the dialer in a scheduled/prioritized way. Each list can be assigned start/stop times (controlling when and how many hours the list is worked), and you can even include a fall back list in case a scheduled list is completed early. Agents are automatically transitioned from one list to the next at the specified times.

Use right-party identification with your IVR messaging

Maximize your agents’ talk time by letting the predictive dialer identify the right-party before transferring them to your agent. To do this, use right-party identification prompts in your IVR message campaigns. IAT provides both simple and interactive messages (including right-party identification prompts) to help you reach right-parties.

Scrub your lists with an IVR Message first

With predictive dialing, your agents will be most productive contacting the right-party with a clean, accurate list. Run your lists through an IVR message campaign before sending it to your predictive dialer. You’ll weed out bad numbers and probably also find a few right-parties willing to pay right away.

What ideas do you have for increasing right-party contacts with technology?

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