IAT Executive Retreat attendees to learn about skip tracing from recovery expert Ron Brown | IAT SmartDial® Solutions

IAT Executive Retreat attendees to learn about skip tracing from recovery expert Ron Brown

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Ron L. Brown will share his internationally renowned skip tracing techniques at IAT SmartDial’s Executive Retreat at The Homestead in Hot Springs, VA, Sept 25 – 27, 2011.

The retreat, IAT’s first customer event specifically for executive-level leaders, will include sessions from a variety of industry experts, including authorities in legal issues, ACA International activities, and online marketing.

Brown, President/CEO of CSI Group, is internationally recognized as a leader in the
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Tracing and Recovery Industry. A licensed private investigator, he has more than 35 years experience in the location and recovery of lost and missing people and assets field. Brown is also an acclaimed instructor on various collection topics, including skip tracing, the FDCPA and The Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Brown will speak during two sessions at the executive retreat and will use his Oklahoma cowboy charm to deliver presentations that are “educational, enlightening and entertaining.”

During the “Triangulation Tracing” session, he will explore current skip tracing techniques using batch search, Cyber trackers, free and pay data and professional tracers. “The Code of the West” will focus on “Cowboy Ethics” and how executives, managers, collectors and tracers can take those principles and apply them to everyday business dealings.

Brown has been associated with IAT for many years and said he looks forward to being ”The coming year is a determining one for Rank Group is really almost as much ast they may be eliminating Blue Sq and simultaneously discovering if the Competition Commission will permit them to Moncler Damen Mantel purchase numerous Gala Casinos – a choice that”s due on February. a part of their Executive Retreat this year. “As we say out west,” he said, “‘I’d ride the river with IAT any day.’”

“Ron has spoken at previous IAT Conferences and has always provided content that is relevant, up- to-date and very interesting,” said Dave Rudd, IAT co-owner and Sr. VP of Finance & Administration. “It is Trompette & robes de mariée Mermaid a privilege to have online casino Ron back as speaker. At a time when people are trying to hide more and more from their debt responsibilities, it’s important for collection Moncler Damen Weste agencies to learn the latest techniques for finding those individuals. I think our customers will be able to learn much from Ron’s extensive knowledge and experience.”

IAT SmartDial Solutions, a Utah-based company, specializes in dialing Moncler Herren technology and provides both hosted services and site-premised systems. For more than 25 years, IAT has focused on developing features and technology for the debt collection industry.

The IAT Executive Retreat at The Homestead is scheduled for Sept 25 – 27, 2011, Hot Springs, VA. It is open to all IAT Customers. For more information, please visit www.iatsmartdial.com- executive-retreat.


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