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Is Your Life Blood Flowing Fast Enough?

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William Wordsworth once stated, “The education of circumstances is superior to that of tuition.”  Please ponder what this quote means as you keep reading.

Businesses spend billions of dollars each year with one focused goal:  Persuade you and me to purchase their products. To run a 30 second commercial during the 1967 Super Bowl cost $261,100 (adjusted for inflation). In 2011, a 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl cost $3 million to run.Aufblasbare Folien

Ad agencies employ extremely creative people to create catchy jingles and alluring stories to sell their client’s products. As business owners or consumers, we must sift through the quagmire of enticing ads to find the product or company that will help our business succeed. Before I reveal the “secret” to discovering the right business or product to help your company succeed, let me ask you a few questions:

Question #1

If you discovered that you needed brain surgery, which would you choose to be your brain surgeon:  A surgeon with 25 years of successful surgery experience OR a doctor that just finished medical school?

Question #2

You’ve planned an expensive vacation with your family on a remote island in the middle of the Caribbean. Who would you hire to safely fly your family to this exotic location:  A pilot with 25 years of experience flying in the Caribbean OR a pilot that just earned his pilot’s license?

Question #3

Who would you prefer to drive your children’s school bus:  an experienced school bus driver with 25 years of experience OR a bus driver that just passed their driver’s license test a week or a month ago?

The answer to all of these questions is obvious: We trust the individual with 25 years of experience.

During the early 1990’s, IAT had a marketing campaign that displayed an IV bag and simply stated:  “Is Your Life Blood Flowing Fast Enough?” For a moment stop and ponder, what is the “life blood” of your asset recovery business? What is the one tool that without which you couldn’t succeed in this highly competitive collection agency market? Is it the physical location of your corporate office?  Is it the type of debt that you collect? Is it your clients and how you interact with them?

These are all important pieces of your success, but there is still one thing that you must do in order to run a successful collection department. You must be able to contact your debtors in order to succeed. If you don’t contact debtors you don’t collect debt and you will fail.

IAT SmartDial has been working side-by-side with you since 1986 to contact debtors. IAT was one of the first companies to successfully implement predictive dialing in the collection market. IAT was one of the first companies to create and employ broadcast messaging. In fact, during the late 1980’s, IAT introduced SmartTalk to the collection market. SmartTalk was the first generation of a fully automated call delivered to a debtor.

William Wadsworth is correct, “The education of circumstances is superior to that of tuition.” In other words, experience matters and experience is the difference between great and mediocre. IAT has 25 years of specific debtor contacting experience in the collection industry. Now who are you going to trust to deliver the best dialing solution? The answer is obvious: IAT SmartDial.


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This article was written by Dave R