August, 2011 | IAT SmartDial® Solutions - Part 2

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The Map to Finding More Right-Party Contacts

You spend extensive time and money finding the right agents and the right technology to collect on your portfolio of accounts. But unless you also find the right-party contact on the phone, your agent will never collect the debt. Since debtors don’t always want to be found, this can be a fairly difficult proposition. Fortunately,…

IAT Customers to learn the benefits of online marketing at executive retreat

Kaulkin Media representatives will share their online marketing expertise at the IAT Executive Retreat at The Homestead in September. Those in attendance will learn from Michael Klozotsky and Naveen Hariprasad how ARM businesses can benefit from online marketing. update adobe IAT SmartDial Solutions, a Utah-based company, specializes in dialing technology and provides both hosted services…

IAT SmartDial brings industry experts together for customer executive retreat

Notable collection industry experts and IAT customers will gather for three days of compelling discussion on important industry topics and networking, September 25 – 27, 2011 at The Homestead in Virginia. “IAT has selected an outstanding group of speakers for our Executive Retreat,” said Dave Rudd, IAT co-owner and Sr. VP of Finance & Administration….

Secrets to finding technology that makes you smile

Does technology really make you smile or does it make life seem better and more complicated? Well, there is no compendious answer for this. Unless, it makes you smile because you just received a “like” or “reply” on your Facebook Status. It is monumental when you ponder how the internet has globally influenced us socially….

THE SECRET to debt collection success revealed

Can you keep a secret? Most of us like to think we can, but how often do we share it with a significant other? Best friend? Or even perhaps a random stranger? We have all been entrusted with a secret at one point or another in our life. While some are really secrets, others are…