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What’s on your dialer wish list?

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Imagine your own ideal collection process – the method that will collect the most debts with the fewest headaches.

Can you visualize it?

Maybe it’s the process you’re using right now or maybe it’s still only a theory. Whatever your ideas are, is it something that your current technology can handle? Or do you find yourself sacrificing your ideal plans to your technology?

In other words, are you dictating your collection process or do your technology limitations dictate it for you?

Fit your dialing technology into your current collection process. Nobody knows your collectors, clients and collections process like you do. Your technology needs to be flexible because it needs to fit into your unique situation, now and in the future. Without flexibility, you could nbso online casino reviews just end up hindering your collections process.

IAT’s dialing technology can be extremely flexible (especially our site-premised product, CT Center).  While our features are initially set to work a certain way, we can drastically change the way the system works by modifying a variety of settings (or flags). Internally, we sometimes refer to this flexibility as “Flag City.”

Some of the settings can be modified by the customer on the fly, but others require a Customer Support team member to change. This way, we tailor the dialing system to the collection process of each of our customers.

In fact, before installing a CT Center system, we like to find out about your current collection process, so that the dialer will fit in seamlessly.

Some basic IAT features ready to be tailored include

  • List Groups and List Group Management: Controls when lists/campaigns are called and which agents will work them
  • Call Results: Controls the dialer’s next step for each call
  • Answering machine detection/control: Controls how the dialer detects and handles answering machines and subsequent messages
  • IVR Dialogues (Messages): Establishes which automated messages are played for which list and call result.

What is on your ideal collection process wish list? Is it something your current dialing technology allows?

This article was written by Kendra