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Adapt your dialogue and begin communicating

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I am sure you have had a conversation like the one in the cartoon, right? Clearly, the people depicted here are trying to get a message to the other party, but neither one seems to care what the other has to say. The conversation is one-sided resulting in a lack of communication. The best way to improve communication is start with the basics – dialogue, or the words you speak.

What do dialogues have to do with collections? Well, at IAT we call our prerecorded messages dialogues. Your dialer calls a list of phone numbers you have assigned it and when a debtor, or answering machine, picks up the phone an automated message, or dialogue, is played.

A good dialogue is one that clearly delivers a message to the debtor in a way that the debtor can understand. Dialogues are meant to be direct, simple and never confusing.

I would recommend sticking with tried and true professionally recorded messages. At IAT, these messages are constructed with collections in mind so you can be sure they adhere to industry regulations.

As you can imagine, good dialogues can be very valuable to you as a collector. Here are some reasons I think it is wise to invest in a few good dialogues for your agency.

Good dialogues can …

  • increase the number of debtors you contact and help you to fulfill your “due diligence.”
  • help debtors understand and fulfill their obligations by offering payment options.
  • help the process of contacting and reminding debtors to pay.
  • supplement the work of agents by calling accounts that are more difficult to reach, or have low balances.

You can use dialogues without thinking. Simply select a type of dialogue – past due reminders, payment information/options, call back messages, or record your own message – and let your dialer handle the rest. The chosen dialogue will deliver straight-forward information and help the debtor to understand their obligation. They can then be presented with the option to fulfill that obligation and make a payment immediately.

So why does IAT have the best dialogues out there? Because we have been in business for 25 years and we speak the language of collections. We know how to present clear, accurate information that is easy for debtors to understand. We know the rules and regulations that govern what collectors can and cannot say in their communications. Plus, we have a long list of professional dialogues field tested and proven.

So, take your fingers out of your ears and pay attention to the other half of the conversation. Adapt your dialogues and improve your communication.

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This article was written by Tory Hawes