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Upgrade Your Ax to a Chainsaw.

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As a Regional Manager for IAT SmartDial, I frequently travel to the Southeastern states. I always like to get a window seat on my flights because I enjoy looking out the window. This must be the “little boy” in me coming out.

One of the things that I’ve noticed when flying from Utah to the East Coast is the distinct change of the land. Shortly after takeoff, I love looking at the Rocky Mountains. The mountains disappear when the flight reaches Denver and flat farmlands cover the Midwest with what appears to be a patch quilt of wheat and cornfields. Once the plane reaches the Mississippi River, the entire landscape seems to be one thick forest; the only interruptions to the foliage are the roads, houses, towns and cities cut out of the plush, green carpet.

Once I land and start driving, it is even more amazing to see how thick and dense the forests really are. I am certain if I ever took a walk of a few yards into any of these forests, I would be lost forever.

As I’ve driven through this terrain, I cannot help but think about those settlers who, just over a century ago, made their way west beyond the Appalachian Mountains, cutting their way through this American jungle to clear land for trails, roads, homes, farms and communities. I cannot envision how physically demanding it would be to uproot trees and thick brush by hand to make a clearing for a small farm and cabin. Even having a team of horses couldn’t have made the workload that much easier.

Can you imagine how thrilled those settlers would have been if they had access to a power chainsaw and a pickup truck? Thousands of trees could be cut down and hauled away in a fraction of the time it would take to use an ax and a horse-drawn wagon. Just think how fast they could begin planting seeds and produce food, removing the uncertainty of surviving a long winter.

As I meet with agencies in my region (particularly those that consider themselves small or medium-sized agencies), I often hear “We just are not big enough to use modern dialer technology,” or “We do just fine making manual calls.”

Are you kidding me?!!!!

In today’s environment, collection agencies have a “forest” of accounts that they need to “clear” through on a daily basis. They have more accounts now than they have ever had and trying to manage that kind of volume manually is nearly an impossible task.

Today, the collection industry has more powerful tools available to them than ever before. Just think, what used to take hundreds of man hours and thousands of dollars to complete can be done in minutes and for pennies with today’s incredible technology such as predictive dialers, broadcast messaging, answering machine detection, inbound call blending, call monitoring, etc. If that won’t make you smile, I don’t know what will!

It’s time to put the ax down, take your hands off the plow and unhitch the horses. If you still think that you can do better dialing manually, the next time I come to your office for a visit don’t expect me to put on a pair of work gloves and start swinging an ax with you. I don’t want to hurt my back. But I will watch you for awhile and occasionally get you a cool drink of water. Good luck!


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This article was written by David E