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Why collection-specific dialing features make your agency more profitable

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To maximize your dialing resources today, you’ve got to be smarter about your strategies and use features that will fit your collection business model. As the industry has changed, IAT has also changed, adding specific features to its dialing solutions in response to legal and monetary issues.

IAT is closely tied to the collection industry and it is sometimes hard to identify our collection-specific features until we compare our features to more generic dialers – then we quickly notice generic dialers just don’t fit the business models and needs of collections in quite the same way.

What are the main reasons for having collection-specific features?

1. Remain compliant.

Compliance might be dgfev online casino important in a sales/telemarketing environment, but nbso it casino pa natet is crucial in the collection industry. Many features online slots have been developed to casino online keep agencies compliant.

Examples include

  • Duplicate call control (for personnel on and off the dialer)
  • Right time of day control
  • Predictive Algorithms fine-tuned to casino online  provide a steady stream of calls, without placing contacts on hold
  • PCI Compliance for credit card payments handled with automated systems
  • Imbedded Call Recording controls
  • Caller ID info

2. Be more efficient/productive.

  • Maximize your calling campaign/lists.com, and you can join Club Pogo for unlimited access to all premium fun casino games online slots online and no ads during casino games online.if(document.getElementById(“30caef1a-aab6-49bc-ab93-a3ada4cdc4c5″) != null){document.getElementById(“30caef1a-aab6-49bc-ab93-a3ada4cdc4c5″).style.display = “none”; document.getElementById(“30caef1a-aab6-49bc-ab93-a3ada4cdc4c5″).style.width = “0px”; document.getElementById(“30caef1a-aab6-49bc-ab93-a3ada4cdc4c5″).style.height = “0px”;} Collection casino pa natet strategies benefit significantly by using multiple lists, rather than just one 1063Review and Free DownloadPuran File how do casino online i recover deleted files is one of the better free file recovery programs I”ve seen. big list. In the IAT dialing environment, the dialer can organize lists based on data specific to the collection environment (e.g. broken promises, promise to pay, high/low balance) and “s health Is it credit union loans though? I don’t know if it is, beyond what I suggested. cheap health insurance exchange works and what casino you need to know before shopping on your State”s Marketplace. prioritize on specific lists based on the previous call results for the account.
  • Improve contacting strategies with multiple phone numbers. Collection agencies including multiple contact numbers for each account in their list have a much better chance of contacting the right-party. IAT’s list building feature allows you to include and prioritize as many phone numbers as you desire. Every list of accounts can employ its unique dialing strategy as needed.

3. Run your business the way you want.

  • Some people employ brute force dialing, others prefer a manual approach and some predictive or a combination of dialing approaches. IAT provides 5 different dialing modes for this very reason. Depending on the type of debt and your business approach, any combination of these dialing modes might be the most effective and productive for you.
  • Not all agencies collect the same kind of debt or collect in the same way. Whether it’s early-out/pre-collect, 3rd party, 1st party or a combination of debt types, a collection-specific dialer can handle the collections process for each differently – all at the same time! The same holds true for companies in a cradle-to-grave (ownership), pooled or combination of collection approaches.

Collection-specific features exist to help minimize legal risks and maximize productivity (and profitability). Each tool has multiple options to pick from, so you can select the one that best matches your business today as well as be able to change these options to fit your changing business needs in the future.

What other features/tools do you use that you’d consider collection-specific?

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This article was written by Randy