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IAT Speaking your language

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I have always had a love of languages. When I was only 5 years old my dad taught me to count in Japanese. He began by scratching his leg and saying “itchy knee,” demonstrating the pronunciation for “1, 2.”

It wasn’t until high school when I took my first French class that I discovered a knack for picking up languages. I continued to study French throughout high school and four years of college, finishing my degree just a few credits shy of a French minor because I thought it would fun to try out a year of Italian.

And I was right – Italian is fun!

Because of my background in French, I was able to pick up my third language (Italian) even quicker than I had my second. The ease came because many Italian words differ only in pronunciation from their French (or Spanish) counterparts. For example “facile,” meaning easy, is pronounced “fa-seal” in French, while it is “fa-chee-lay” in Italian.

My mistake that semester was scheduling Italian-101 at 8:00 a.m. followed immediately by French-322 at 9:00 a.m. What I hadn’t anticipated was Italian words slipping out while I was in French and vice versa. My classmates and teachers were all confused and had no clue what I was trying to say at times. I’m sure they thought I was simply going crazy.

The debt collection industry too has its own language – and IAT has been speaking it fluently for over 25 years! Unlike me in college, IAT is focused on just one industry and one language – the language of collecting. We are fluent in “debt collection.” You don’t have to worry about important details being lost in translation because our team will speak to you in your “native tongue.”

IAT will tailor a dialing solution (predictive dialing, IVR messaging, hosted, site-premised or both) that has all the tools you need to succeed. Because we understand the regulations that govern the industry, such as the TCPA and FDCPA, we’ve built tools in our technology to help you stay compliant.

If you want to learn a new language, I would recommend French or Italian. If you want a predictive dialer company that speaks your language, I would recommend IAT!


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This article was written by Jenna Bowman