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If I had to choose a Sesame Street® character to be, I would be Cookie Monster. I already spend so much time thinking about and suggesting cookies as a suitable fix to everybody’s problems that it wouldn’t be much of a leap.

Having a bad day? How about a cookie?

Sick? A cookie will definitely make you feel better.

Relationship issues?  You need a cookie.

And I’m sure that the answer to World Peace probably has something to do with cookies.

Maybe I should point out that I don’t actually spend all day every day eating cookies. But if I did, I’m sure life would be a lot better (I’d also be MANY pant sizes bigger).

That being said, I’m also a cookie snob. Unless I’m desperate, I’m not about to eat something dry and hard or even pre-packaged. Usually I make my own amazing cookies, and sometimes I’ll put up with other people’s homemade cookies or a tasty commercially made cookie.

You can even have freshly made gourmet cookies delivered to your office or house. The bakery won’t start baking your cookies until you order them (by phone or online). Then, they’ll deliver the cookies to your doorstep WHILE THEY ARE STILL WARM. I’ve never tried it, but I have encouraged others to do so. I think it’s a perfect solution for the person who absolutely needs a very tasty ”The response, titled “Believing in immigration reform,” didn’t shy away from a online casino canada few cheeky references, however. cookie, but doesn’t have the time (or ability) to make it themselves.

Dialing technology: Cookies for collection agencies. Dialing  technology to collection agencies is like cookies are to me. You can’t eat the technology (please don’t try), but you can enjoy enormous benefits from predictive dialing and IVR messaging, including increased agent productivity and ROI not to mention an overall increase in collection efficiency. It’s a vital part of a collection agency’s collection strategy.

This is, of course, if you have time to learn and use the technology. We talk to many small to mid-sized agencies that know dialing technology would help them be more productive and profitable, but they have a small IT department (if they have one at all) and don’t feel they have the time to learn and run a site-premised system.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have dialing technology delivered to your office just like freshly made cookies? How about the best dialing technology you can imagine that’s so easy for your staff to use and requires little effort to get started and keep using?

You can!

Save your IT staff’s time using hosted services. IAT’s hosted dialing services (CT Impact) are ideal for small to mid-size agencies with little to no IT staff help because you have the dialing power you need and IAT takes care of the maintenance. We help you get everything set up and provide you the training necessary to effectively use the dialer and reap the benefits.

Hosted dialing services will save time for you and your staff, which is the most valuable and unavailable resource you probably have.

Cookie, anyone?

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This article was written by Kendra