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Write your own Collections Symphony

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Have you ever appreciated how many songs there are in the world? There are billions upon billions of different songs, and more are written every day. Sure, some may share a few qualities or sound similar, but no two songs are exactly the same.

How can this be when every song must be built from the same seven notes (12 including sharps and flats)?  Musicians have access to a big bag of musical tools that make this diversity possible. When you factor in lower and higher octaves, 15 key signatures, different rhythm patterns, changes in tempo and dynamics, different instruments and musical genres, and many other variables, the possible variations quickly add up.

Tools for a debt collection symphony. IAT SmartDial solutions also incorporate a variety of dialing technology tools for you to create your own masterpiece. Not only are these features handy in everyday call center operations, but many are specifically geared toward the collection industry.

A few of IAT’s “musical” tools allow you to

  • Change the tempo: You can control the rate at which your dialer calls new accounts.
  • Use syncopation: Throw in some unexpected timing with time of day controls.
  • Segue seamlessly to the next piece: Create list chains that automatically begin dialing once the preceding list has finished.
  • Leave a Segno notation: Mark specific accounts that you need to call back later.

IAT’s software is flexible enough to allow you to play the music someone else has written or personalize your process and write your own collections symphony.

When you are in control of these tools, you get to dictate what your song will sound like, whether you prefer Rock ’n’ Roll, Pop, or Classical. What would be included in your collections symphony?

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This article was written by Jenna Bowman