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Feinting Can Be a Good Thing

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In any type of sporting event, the participant or team is going to be looking for a competitive advantage. For example, a pitcher will throw fast balls, curves and change-ups to confuse the batter. A fly fisherman will try a Woolley-Bugger one time and a nymph the next. The participants will feint one way and go the other in an attempt to throw the competition off balance and gain that precious advantage.

A friend of mine is a pretty good basketball player. He is particularly good at baiting the competition (me) into thinking they have the opportunity to steal the ball. He has a knack Talleta ja voita matka RioonUpea Euroopan-matka tarjollaKay katsomassa StonehengeaInternet casinot . for holding the ball in such a way, and for just the right amount of time, in a position that you can’t help but think the opportunity is ripe to steal it. However, as soon as a move is made to steal the ball, he’s off in the other direction. Unfortunately, I’ve fallen for it way too many times.

How many times could my friend win the game if all he did was hold the ball in the same way every time he had possession? In all likelihood, every possession would result in the ball being stolen casino and the competition heading the other way.

How is the collection business any different? If you and your strategies never “feint,” how can you ever expect to change or improve the results or increase your right party contactsHoppeslott? IAT’s dialing technology gives you the ability to change things up in a number of ways including

  • Calling during a different time of day.
  • Changing your IVR message.
  • Posting different numbers on caller ID.
  • Calling all of the numbers available on an account.
  • Leaving a message one time and transferring to an agent the next.

So, go ahead – feint once in a while. Use IAT’s technology to your advantage and see if your right party contacts (and as a result your collections) don’t improve.

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This article was written by Ray