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How to juggle like a clown

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Managing a debt collection operation is like running a 3 ring circus for a Ringmaster. How would you handle all those lions, elephants and tightrope-walkers? Well, what I’d do is hire a lot of clowns to run each ring. Obviously, I am kidding. My circus would be as clown-free as possible. And certainly no clowns named Jack living in unpredictable square boxes. They really scare me!

Don’t be fooled by that crazy hair and big nose; clowns are opportunists. Not only are they great jugglers, they understand their surroundings, their audience and their boundaries and use this to their advantage when trying to get a big laugh from you. You don’t need to be a clown to be an opportunist. You just have to be organized and smart and know how to meet your company’s contacting/collection goals while still following the law.

Also knowing how to juggle definitely wouldn’t hurt.

Juggling multiple phone numbers is the KEY to increasing right party contacts.
Most accounts will have more than one phone number attached to it and some will have many numbers. The more phone numbers you can contact in an account, the more likely you’ll reach a right party and collect the debt, right?

Keeping track of all those phone numbers could be an onerous task if done by hand. Quite frankly, I’d much rather have a migraine headache then tackle such a convoluted list. However, it’s essential to run through the entire list of numbers to increase your right party contact percentage.

Why try to juggle all those phone numbers yourself? IAT’s Multiple Phone Number Control feature is ready to handle it! Simply load your accounts/lists with as many phone numbers as you have for each account. You can load up to 10 numbers in CT Impact Hosted Services and an unlimited number in our site-premised dialer, CT Center. Tell the dialer what order you want the phone numbers to be called and then start dialing.

The dialer will keep all the phone numbers and accounts straight, dialing them in the order you want (and it will try again at the appropriate times) until an account is successfully contacted. When one phone number in the list is successfully reached, the account (or ball) will drop into a completed bucket, leaving the rest of the accounts still flying through the air looking for a right party.

If you have multiple accounts for the same debtor, you don’t want to harass them by calling multiple times during the day, especially since the status of their accounts could change if they made a payment. With IAT dialing solutions, you don’t have to worry about that. Before the dialer attempts to call a phone number, it always checks to make sure the phone number hasn’t been contacted that day already (for any account and not just that one), and won’t call again if someone was reached.

Superb phone number juggling abilities AND the ability to make sure those phone numbers aren’t contacted multiple times? That’s something you can expect from a company that’s been in business for well over 25 years – we’re definitely ready to run our own 3 ring circus!


This article was written by Mark