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Tailored System Configuration

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No two dialers are the same. Some might fit your company as well as the jersey does on this young kid. Or make as much sense as an overweight, out of shape guy crammed into a pink tutu. As you begin dialer vendor research, make sure you take the following advice into consideration:

Choosing a predictive dialer developed specifically for your industry is ideal.

When researching for a predictive dialer system, it is always wise to choose one that is industry specific because it is designed with features you need to succeed. Collection-specific features aim to maintain compliance, allow you to use your own collecting process and keep agents productive. In addition, there are two kinds of services: One is a site-premised system (the system resides in your facility) and the other is a web-based dialer (the dialer resides at the vendor’s site and is accessed via a secure internet connection).

‘One size fits all’ vendors don’t work well for recovery & collection agencies.

There is always a conspicuous difference or imbalance between what an off-the-shelf system can do and what a particular industry specific collections and recovery company ideally needs. Any product which ignores this requires the company to adapt to it.

Look for a predictive dialer vendor that will consult and listen to your needs to tailor and configure a system that fits your organization.

Try a better fit: IAT SmartDial has been written specifically for collection and recovery


IAT’s basic dialer set up is already made with debt collection in mind; system flexibility allows you to change it to meet your needs.

IAT SmartDial will look into your current situation and tailor your dialer into an effective, profitable tool. One example of this might be where company has a need for both site-premised and hosted dialer solutions. IAT’s hybrid solution is a great option!

IAT’s hybrid solution is comprised of CT Center (site-premised) and two separate CT Impact Hosted services:

  • CT Impact Direct – Additional dialing resources for over-flow, short-term or occasional needs. CT Impact is connected to CT Center for seamless campaign transfer.
  • CT Impact Risk Management – Dialing resources on CT Impact reserved for use in times of emergency.  Connect through the CT Impact website for easy campaign upload and maintenance.

Use one or both of these CT Impact services along with CT Center to ensure you’re maximizing your contacting power daily and in times of emergency.

IAT’s approach is to deliver tailored systems which fit your needs. Call me for a consultation and find your best fit!

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