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Need a collection attorney? Try using free referral services.

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This is a guest blog post from the National List of Attorneys.

If your office sometimes needs to forward claims to a collection attorney, finding the right lawyer or firm can be a daunting, risky task. Google “attorney network” and you’ll get a whopping 9,610,000 results. Narrowing the search to “collection attorney” trims it down to 5,780,000. Not much help! You can get help when you know about and use the free attorney referral services offered by the National List of Attorneys.

Free Screened Referrals & Insured Claims

The National List (NL) helps collection agencies find quality legal representation for their specific collection, subrogation and bankruptcy needs with no referral fee.

Before making a referral, NL evaluates and narrows down the list of member attorneys to ensure there is no misunderstanding of the firm’s industry work standards, account placement volumes, technology, security, and financial requirements. Then they follow up to make sure that the relationships established are profiting both sides.

And also at no cost to its clients, the NL protects the accounts placed for collection with the recommended law firm up to $3.5 million. With more than 2000 Attorney Member listings worldwide, NL refers hundreds of millions of dollars in debt collection matters each year. The money that keeps NL in business comes from the membership fees paid by their carefully screened attorneys.

Additional Safeguards

Assistance is also given to ensure you have written contracts and agreements with the law firm that spell out the details in fees, cost, reporting, billing, and remitting. This is another service the NL provides at no cost. The up to $3.5 million in free claims insurance protects you from possible fraudulent or dishonest acts of Attorney Members.

The National List of Attorneys began serving the credit and collections industry in 1900, making it the oldest organization of its kind. Over the years, it has expanded its services, which go beyond simple referrals and focus on taking a personal interest in every Collection Professional and Attorney Member. Maintaining the highest standards, the National List works one-on-one with you to make certain your needs are being met.

To learn more about NL services, visit their website at

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This article was written by The National List of Attorneys