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Create your best moose

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Recently, I finished a painting of a moose that is now on display in a Jackson Hole, Wyoming art gallery.  As my art students watched my progress, I would often get questions from them such as

  • What technique do you use to paint the water?
  • How do you paint the rugged hair on the moose?
  • What brush was used to create that effect?

To the surprise of many, the answer to most of the questions asked is “I don’t know!!!!”  I figure it out as I go along. Often, it is a process of trial and error. Finding out on my own what works and what does not. There are some “how to” books that may give some suggestions, but they are of little help. I have my own process for coming up with the best solution.

If a certain combination of colors does not work, I try something else until I get the look I want. Specific brushes work better to create a specific brush stroke. When is it best to use opaque paint vs. transparent paint? It is up to me to find the best answer for this and a thousand other decisions I need to make along the way.

The manufacturers I rely on to produce the paints, brushes, canvases, etc. provide top notch materials for me to work with; it is up to me to get the maximum out of these products.

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This article was written by David E