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Why give yourself a haircut?

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I lived in Taiwan for a while. I loved it, but I had to often improvise in order to meet my needs, because I learned that I was a poor traveler.

One of the ways I was the most creative was in how I got my hair cut. Bargain haircuts are not something I generally recommend for anyone who is not required to wear a helmet for their work, but in my situation, being a 6’2 blonde guy among millions of Chinese people, I would have stuck out anyway.

I started out with a set of clippers, purchased from a store whose name, when translated, means “Cheap Stuff” (I wish I were making that up). At first, I tried giving myself haircuts. If you have ever tried this, it’s very difficult. The only type of haircut I could ever successfully give myself I liked to call “The Short One,” because that was exactly what it was: one go-around with the clippers. Then, I tried to get my roommate to do it for me, and after he reluctantly agreed, it somehow managed to look just like “The Short One,” but somehow worse, as if he were clipping my hair and eating a sandwich at the same time (he was).

Eventually, I caved, and starting going to the hair salons. And it was, of course, better. I no longer looked like the victim of a tragic lawnmower accident.

The point is, sometimes, it pays to go outside your comfort zone to trust an important part of your business to an expert. I was tired of looking pathetic, and a staff of trained stylists quickly remedied that problem.

If your business is in the debt collection industry, it makes more sense to (metaphorically) throw away those lousy clippers and give IAT SmartDial Solutions a call. It matters to partner with a business that boasts collections-specifics features.

Our trained staff and collection industry-specific technology have been shown to provide your collections business with a 300% boost in productivity over manual dialing, which will show up faster on your bottom line.

Contact one of our SmartDial Experts, and we’ll set your business straight. And clean up that awful haircut.

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