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“Leaping Lizards!” Don’t Annoy the Pants Off Your Debtors.

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It has been said repetition is the first principle in all learning. That is the whole point of math homework – solving 30 problems all using the same principle. From songs on the radio, or a favorite movie you’ve seen a million times, to timeless tales of a young maid and her prince charming that have been retold over and over again – repetition plays a huge part in what you know.

But sometimes all that repetition is TOO MUCH! For instance, as a toddler Jenna’s youngest sister LOVED the movie Annie. She loved it so much it was the only thing they ever watched. Even so, to this day Jenna still enjoys watching Annie.

But when it played 4 times a day (only stopping briefly between viewings to rewind the video tape) it quickly became annoying. It is just sad that the whole family could (and 15 years later most likely STILL can) recite every word and sing every song in the show from start to finish.

That is too much repetition.

Similarly, it is a good thing to call debtors regularly to remind them of their financial commitments. But when they start receiving multiple calls in the same day, it can be obnoxious and, more importantly, it can be illegal.

Luckily, IAT has safeguards built into their dialing products to prevent calling the same number twice in one day.

In CT Impact and CT Center, if the same phone number is on two accounts the dialer will call it on the first account in your list, but when the second account comes up, the dialer checks the number and sees it’s already been called. Because the dialer called that phone number earlier on another account, the dialer isn’t going to call the number again that day. This way, you don’t have to worry about calling the same household several times in one day.

If you do wish to contact the phone number again that day, your agent has the power to tell the dialer that the number is ok to call. You may want to tell the dialer to call back if you reach the babysitter or you had an answering machine transferred to you.

“It’s a hard knock life,” but you can make it easier on yourself by using IAT’s duplicate call controls.

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This article was written by JennaElise