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Are you Insane?

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There’s an old statement “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.” If this is true, IAT’s seen quite a bit of insanity from our customers over the years. It’s easy to fall into a “same-old” pattern, especially if you’re new to the dialer.

The dialer is very good at connecting your agents to people. When agencies get a dialer (either hosted or site-premised), they will typically see dramatic jumps in their agents’ productivity, and a corresponding increase in dollars collected. After a while, this jump levels off and might even drop, which leaves customers concerned.

The problem isn’t your dialer. The dialer continues to do exactly what it was told to do. The problem is that the dialer needs to have some updated instructions. Fortunately, this is an easy problem to remedy: Mix it up.

Changing your dialing strategies periodically keeps your accounts on their toes and gives you a much better chance of connecting to a right party. Here are a few strategies that we have found can make a huge difference in your dialer productivity.

  • Change the order in which you work your lists/campaigns. The dialer can’t make people answer their home phone if they’re at work. Change when you call each list to reach different people.
  • Change your list’s account order. It’s logical to try to work the highest balance accounts first; after all, they have the biggest potential payoff. However, since you can only call so many numbers a day, you’re leaving money on the table if you never call the lower balances. And if you collect on a bunch of smaller accounts, the money can add up.
  • Change the Caller ID. Let’s face it, when debtors learn who you are, many will ignore the call. Worse yet, pick up their phone and hang up. Periodically change the Caller ID to a local number you own.
  • Change your answering machine message. It doesn’t need to be a completely different message. Change the voice from male to female, or vice-versa.
  • Change how the dialer handles calls that don’t reach a live contact. What you tell your dialer to do when a live contact doesn’t answer (e.g. no answers or busy signals) is what IAT calls your Call Results. Changing your Call Result settings can have a dramatic change on your overall contact rate. For instance, setting up the dialer to call back a “no answer” in three hours instead of 1 hour expands the window of time between attempts and makes it more likely you’ll catch them while at home.
  • Change when the dialer stops calling an account. Calling other numbers connected to the account can improve the chance of connecting a right party to one of your agents. You can load up to 10 numbers per account into CT Impact (hosted dialing services) and an unlimited number into CT Center (site-premised dialer).

Our Support Team can help with these changes.

Remember, the dialer is very good at what it does: Get a person on the phone for your agents to talk to. However, it is only a computer. It can’t think for you. Find out how your best collector works. Make the dialer mimic that collector, and the dialer will help all the other collectors work better.

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This article was written by Dave S