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Red or Russet?

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This happens to me a lot.  I go to the grocery store to buy something, let’s say potatoes, and I forget if I was supposed to get red potatoes or russet potatoes. So I get out my handy dandy cell phone and call my wife’s cell phone, which obviously rings a few times and then it goes to voicemail.

So I hang up and dial my home phone number thinking, “She must’ve left her phone in the car and be at home.”  The home phone rings and gets to the voicemail and still no contact. Hmm…I think, “What other number can I call to reach her?” I’ll try her mom’s cell phone, maybe she’s with her.

Well her mom does answer, but no my wife is not with her. If you know me, you know I am pretty persistent, and I really want to know, red or russet, so I keep calling all her siblings and my children and neighbors until I run out of phone numbers to call. Then I usually call her back on her cell phone, leave a long voicemail and buy both kinds of potatoes, anyway.

Believe it or not, this cycle of attempting to contact my wife takes place more often than I like to admit. It makes me wish I had an IAT dialer. Then I could add up to ten phone numbers to my wife’s “account,” record a very lengthy voicemail message to be left on her cell phone and let the dialer go to work at the list.

If she answers, I will be connected to her. If her mom answers her phone, but my wife is not with her, then I just tell the dialer to call the next number. The dialer will call all the numbers that are associated to my wife’s “account” until she is located or until all the numbers have been dialed. In the meantime, I would have already bought both kinds of potatoes, rented a movie and be watching it in my living room while consuming some delicious chips and salsa.

Have you ever had to dial several numbers in an attempt to contact somebody about their past-due bills? If you have, then consider utilizing IAT’s multiple phone number control feature on your dialer.

Current versions of IAT dialers, for both CT Center and CT Impact, have this awesome feature that allows you to add multiple phone numbers for each account. The dialer can dial these phone numbers in an order that is specified by you using the “Address Lists.” For example, you may tell the dialer to call the home phone number first; if there is no contact made then it will proceed to dial their cell phone, then their place of employment, then their spouses or parents or any other contact numbers that you may have. The dialer will go through the entire list for you without wasting any of your agents’ time or effort.

While the dialer is trying to contact your account, your agents are using their time talking to those persons that have been successfully contacted or those that have called in, producing results instead of attempting to contact someone who does not want to answer.

If you need help setting your dialer up with multiple numbers, then please call the IAT Support team.  They will be delighted to assist you.

Disclaimer: Please check with your legal counsel before setting the dialer up for calling cell phones and places of employment.

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This article was written by Irfan Quraishi