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Ready, Set, Dial!

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It’s that special time of year again when men and women across this great American continent don their replica pit caps, dust off the tailgate, and get ready to NASCAR.

The greatest aspect of NASCAR is the thrilling expectation that grows as race day fast approaches. Whether you’re a Dale Earnhardt Jr. kinda guy, a Jeff Gordon gal, or a Danica Patrick disciple, the fact is you believe. You believe that when race time comes, your driver is going to be strapped into the horsepower they need to outdrive, outsmart, and outlast the rest of the pack.

Now just imagine what might happen if, come race day, Tony Stewart pulled up in a 1971 Ford Pinto and expected to win. No matter how much you love the guy, your hopes would be crushed, your expectations shattered, and that special tattoo you got after the ’05 Series… two words: laser removal.

So why is it, when it comes to the debt collection industry, so many companies still expect their 1971 Pinto to win the championship series (or at least compete)? They’ve managed to stay afloat with an outdated dialer by reassuring themselves that “If it’s not broken, why fix it?” While that mentality might work for dining sets, it’s a dangerous way to survive in the debt collection business.

So, in the spirit of NASCAR, here are three primary reasons why upgrading your dialer will have you crossing the checkered flag sooner than later:

1) SPEED: What if you could increase your agent talk time to 40-50 minutes per hour or increase productivity by 300%—would you do it? The latest in predictive dialers can increase efficiencies dramatically. Speeding up your debt collection process will give your company and bottom line the turbo charge you need.

2) POWER: Just as replacing the engine in a high-performance vehicle keeps it competitive by augmenting small but important components, upgrading your dialer solution almost always provides you with new productivity enhancing tools. If it’s been a year or two since you last upgraded, it’s definitely time for a tune-up.

3) AGILITY: Most importantly, upgrading your dialer solution helps you stay competitive in a heavily regulated industry. Failure to upgrade can result in more than just being out-of-sync with the pack—you risk going out-of-business. Place your business and employees first by keeping current with laws and regulations through regular upgrades.

The bottom line is that you know what it takes to compete in your business. Whether it’s a 1971 Pinto or 2008 dialing solution, it simply won’t accelerate to meet your goals. By upgrading your collection dialer, you’ll most likely gain time and resources while dropping the competition. Now that’s definitely tattoo worthy.

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Donne ViauFebruary 28, 2012 at 12:29 pmReply

I have tried to get into NASCAR so many times. I love sports, but I just cannot get into. I appreciate it and understand why people love it. One of my sports bucket list items is the Daytona 500. I just simply cannot follow it.

Looking forward to 8.0 and the user conference.