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IAT’s Wheel of Feature Fortune

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It seems that 70% of IAT’s software users will only use 15 to 20% of the features. Whether it is a site-premised application or hosted service, the majority of end-users will never use most features or even explore the technology much beyond their daily routine.

IAT SmartDial’s underused features will increase productivity, efficiency and ROI to your current daily activities.

Have you ever wondered why you miss some very useful features? Well, there are a lot of reasons, but here are a few:

  • Your company’s daily operations have changed from when you started using the system, but you didn’t reevaluate your dialer use.
  • You changed dialer manager personnel, and the guy who did know about it didn’t pass along that information.
  • You don’t regularly participate in ongoing training.

The great news is that IAT SmartDial offers Webinars, Web Training, and National Training Conferences for your personnel where you can learn about IAT’s new features and how other customers are successfully using them.

Here are some of CT Center’s lesser known, but important and useful features:

  • List Chaining (List Groups)
  • Call Recording Lite
  • CT Impact Direct/Hybrid
  • Display Center
  • IC Agent
  • Dialogues
  • Skills-based Routing
  • List Building
  • Auto Pay
  • Inbound
  • Blending
  • Multi-Node systems

Underused feature highlight: Let’s Spin the IAT SmartDial Wheel of Underused Features and see what it lands on!

Great, it landed on IC Agent! Let me explain IC Agent to you.

IC Agent: Help keep your overflow or extra calls answered, without having an agent just sitting around waiting.  IC Agents are agents who do not maintain a connection to the CT Center Agent Access program, but can still take a call when the need arises. Agents log onto the CT Center server either via a phone connection or the Agent Access application and then hang up their phone or minimize the screen. They can then go about other business and wait for CT Center to notify them of a call. CT Center will notify the agent when there is a dialer call for them. An IC Agent must accept the call before it’s transferred, so if they’re busy it’ll go to someone else.

IC Agent will improve your debt collection organization by better utilizing your dialer and people resources. It is meant for secondary availability (when your primary dialer agents can’t take the call). IC Agent is  non audio captive and is used as an overflow agent for Inbound, IVR Messaging and PD campaigns and allows a broader spectrum of availability to collect without sacrificing a dialer resource 100% of the time.

Is IC Agent a feature you knew about? If you ever have dialer calls placed on hold, make sure to contact your sales rep to learn more about IC Agent.

What other features are unfamiliar to you? Stay tuned for our next episode of IAT SmartDial’s Wheel of Underused Features and learn about more features! You could also attend IAT’s Spring Training this April in Las Vegas to learn about many more features.

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