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“I can’t let you do that, Dave.”

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A couple of years ago, I finally watched “2001: A Space Odyssey,” a 1968 science fiction film. It has a rather famous, and often misquoted, line: “I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.” Shortly thereafter, HAL (the computer) ends the conversation and Dave (the astronaut) has to find a different way to get back onto the ship.

Computers can be infuriatingly stubborn that way.

Sometimes though, it’s nice to have stubborn computers. Unlike people, they’re very good at performing repetitive tasks—they don’t get distracted, and they don’t forget details.

How does this relate to a dialer? Collection agencies often need their agents to work different lists (campaigns) throughout the day. Perhaps a specific list needs to be worked between noon and 1:00 p.m. Maybe there is a set of lists that match various time zones and it is desirable to focus on these lists before 9:00 a.m. Maybe it doesn’t matter when the lists are worked as long as they are worked in a specific order. In these situations, keeping everyone on the same page can be a non-trivial exercise. Add dealing with callbacks to previously worked lists and it gets worse!

Why not let the dialer handle these details, so your agents and managers can focus on more important things, like collecting the debt? CT Center, IAT’s dialer, has an underused feature called List Groups that makes it very easy to manage scenarios like these.

A List Group is simply an ordered set of lists defined by the manager. You can set them up to make any of the above situations work…and more! When a dialer agent starts working on the dialer they sign onto a List Group, instead of a specific list. To the agent, this is really the only difference. The dialer keeps track of which list the agent is currently working and automatically handles moving the agent among the lists in the List Group. Agents and managers stay focused on the task at hand. No more lost productivity due to the chaos of getting agents onto a different list!

What about all those callbacks that were probably forgotten in the shuffle of changing lists? The dialer remembers them. Any callbacks on a list in the group that can be called will be handled automatically. List Groups can even be adjusted while agents are working on them. Plus, if you want the dialer to be as stubborn as HAL, managers can control which List Group each agent can work.

Oh, and for those who might wonder, yes, I have read the book “2001: A Space Odyssey.” (HAL let me do that.)


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This article was written by Dave S