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Agent Cloning

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Do you know a person who seems to have every aspect of their lives totally pulled together? You know the one who has everything just fall into place for them? It doesn’t seem to matter what it is—sports, careers, jobs, schooling their social life—they seem to excel at everything and anything they do. We all probably know someone like this. While we may love them, we somehow also hate them.

Fortunately for the rest of us, we have some skills and excel at some things. That does not mean we cannot be successful in many areas of our life, just that it does not all come as naturally to us. We have to work, practice and study in order to improve and be successful.

Every agency has one or two collectors that seem to stand out and outperform others. It is not to say that the other collectors don’t work hard or give it their best efforts. Everything just seems to fall into place for those super star collectors.

You have to ask yourself, are they born with it, or have they just figured it out over time? I would guess most have figured it out over time.

So, how do you clone these agents? Unfortunately, it is still illegal to scientifically collect DNA, and actually clone another human. So what are you to do? How can you get more star agents?

I suggest you watch and learn from these agents. Eventually, you will have figured out their methods, steps, and patterns and can use your findings to train other collectors.

IAT dialing technology includes many great tools to help you learn, and then duplicate these super stars’ methods.

Some tools to track your super star agents’ methods include

  • Call Recording: Record your best agents’ calls. Use them for training purposes.
  • Call Monitoring: Use the real-time monitoring feature in Manager Center.  Allow new or less productive agents to listen to the conversations of the super star.
  • Time utilization charts: Manager Center has tools to allow you to compare how the super star’s time is utilized on the dialer to a struggling agent’s time on the dialer.
  • CTC Messaging: Use the messaging system on the dialer—give your agents the ability to send messages between each other. This is a great tool because it allows an agent to ask the super star a question during a call and get real-time input.

Use these tools to learn from your top collectors. Then, train your other agents to collect that way. Soon, you will have an office full of super stars!



This article was written by Paul