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I hate spam.

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Sometimes the internet is really irritating, especially spam in my email inbox. Uggh. I wish people had better things to do than send me useless, irrelevant junk. Thank goodness for spam filters!

A couple months ago, IAT upgraded its mail system and we all began receiving no less than 20 pieces of junk mail each day. But then our handy IT guy fixed the spam filter and significantly cut down the amount of garbage getting through. The only down side is you’ll periodically lose a legitimate message to the junk folder. Then you feel dumb when you finally get back to the person a week or so later.

Having your dialer send answering machines to your agents may not be quite as irritating as pointless junk mail. But there are better ways your agents could be spending their time—like talking to actual people!

It’s a delicate balance between listening to a call long enough to determine whether it is a live person or an answering machine and not listening so long your live contacts get irritated waiting for a response and just hang up.

Fortunately for you, IAT’s dialer has a great answering machine detection plan. We proudly proclaim an accuracy rate of about 85 percent. This means that even though a few “trick” answering machines slip through, you can be confident ALL the live contacts will be promptly sent to a live agent.

As for those few answering machines that do slip through—your agents determine the call is an answering machine, then simply click the “leave message” button and send the call back to the automated message queue. No further agent action is necessary.

I wish handling all my inbox spam was that easy!

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This article was written by Jenna Bowman